Monday, June 9, 2008

Everyone In The Pool

Yup, it's hot outside. We think we lost about 10 pounds over the weekend just mowing the lawn and doing a little yardwork.

Which made us think about the pool, and then we saw this on a local listserv:

CA residents who are not members of the pools or Package Plan will be offered the opportunity to visit any of CA’s 23 outdoor pools on the second Sunday of each month during the summer at no charge. The dates are Sunday, July 13 and Sunday August 10.

Residents must have a CA Resident Card to participate. Resident cards may be obtained at no cost from CA Headquarters. You must bring address verification in the form of a driver’s license or imprinted personal check and dependent children’s birth certificates is required to obtain free CA Resident cards. For more information call 410-730-1801.

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