Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bus Routes Win Reprieve

Maybe there is something to this state-capital-for-a-day thing. Gov. O'Malley announced he is rescinding some proposed bus route cuts, though the state will reduce the number of trips on those lines beginning Jan 12, according to this story in the Sun.

The deal, announced by Gov. Martin O'Malley as he declared Ellicott City "Capital for a Day," would keep six trips each way for routes 310 and 311 serving Columbia, instead of eight trips northbound and nine southbound. The 320 line to Laurel along U.S. 1 will offer three trips in each direction, instead of five northbound and six southbound. In addition, the 150 route that serves Long Gate Shopping Center in Ellicott City will extend to Columbia's Town Center. The changes will save the state an estimated $634,000 a year, plus the money Howard Executive Ken Ulman agreed to pay.

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