Tuesday, December 2, 2008

So Long Hayduke

Is blogging dead? It sometimes seems that way. Our little corner of the Interwebs lost a lively voice over Thanksgiving. HoCo Hayduke is giving up the keyboard.

Any close reader probably saw it coming, when he announced he was going to cut back on his public musings after taking a job in the HoCo guvment. But the real impetus for calling it quits is a new addition to the family, he reports.

Just as I ran out of room in my life for blogging, my house ran out of room for the desk. There's a baby on the way, and when you only have 844 square feet and two bedrooms' worth of house, a large desk and an office become a luxury you can no longer afford. Which is perfectly fine by me. I'm happier than a pig in poop about the baby.

And we're happy for you.

We'll hang onto the link for a bit just in case you change your mind.

1 comment:

Hayduke said...

Thanks for the nice sendoff.

Good idea keeping the link handy...just in case.