Friday, December 5, 2008

DuVall And WL Fall In State Championship

It was a great run for the popular WL football coach, who retires after 36 years as head coach, his team losing 13-0 to Westlake in the 3A state title game...

Here's the ExploreHoward account...

Doug DuVall is a football coach. He has won more than 300 games in the past 36 years. But he's lost some, too -- 65, to be exact. After Thursday's 13-0 defeat at the hands of Westlake in the Class 3A state championship game at M&T Bank Stadium, this old coach knows that the best lessons are learned after losses.

"It's tough when you lose to come in and have to face the cameras. It's easy when you win. They've had their share of wins and I hope they take that into life," DuVall said. "I wish for them more than anything that we had won it, but you know what, in life you don't win everytime you go out."

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