Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hard Times

Happened to see this ad for a going out of business sale by the Ellicott City jeweler Chip Smyth, which is the same fate to befall my DC-by-way-of-Columbia connection, a family-run operation called Lynn Jewelers.

We're afraid this is just the beginning.

WaPo is full of stories about state furloughs, layoffs at rich private equity companies, school system pay givebacks, and local bank takeovers.

Man, it's getting hard to earn a living anymore.


B. Santos said...

Other locals going out of business include Miller Brothers Ford on Rt. 40 and the Hallmark card shop in the Dorsey's Search Village Center.

Margaret Pendleton said...

Actually, I disagree that "This is only the beginning". I think the beginning was a year ago...Bun Penny and then Produce Galore. But, maybe I am a little biased. You are
right, however. There will be more. My heart goes out to them. It is so
hard to see your lifetime of work come to this and, harder still, to see your employees without a job.

Columbia Talk said...


Good point. Of course, you are right.