Friday, February 13, 2009

CA Wary Of Symphony Woods Land Swap

We're a little late getting to this. CA told HoCo planners last week that it does not favor the idea of swapping land in the heart of Symphony Woods with land elsewhere.

CA’s position is acre-for-acre replacement of parkland would only be acceptable if it is consistent with CA’s vision and plan for Symphony Woods. Of primary importance to CA is the future of Symphony Woods. CA wants to protect the woodlands and create a park setting that is more user-friendly. CA is concerned that the two large buildings, underground parking, and several roads proposed for Symphony Woods are in direct contradiction to CA’s vision. Because CA is very concerned about the removal of many trees in Symphony Woods and wants to preserve the integrity of the parkland, CA does not agree with exchanging existing land in the heart of Symphony Woods for other land. CA agrees with the proposal for an attractive connection between The Mall and Merriweather Post Pavilion. However, a proposed cultural arts center should be included in the Lakefront neighborhood. In addition, we would like to advise you CA is working with consultants on creating proposals for a revitalized park in Symphony Woods, which will be available for public review in April.

CA also endorsed a proposal to study whether there is a need for a pedestrian/cyclist/bus shuttle bridge over US 29 connecting Downtown
with Oakland Mills

Maybe that would bring some new traffic -- and development interest -- to the OM village center.

Here's a link to CA's Feb. 5 testimony.

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