Friday, February 27, 2009

Lenders Now Oversee General Growth

General Growth said in a filing with the SEC that, because of its financial troubles, it has had to work out some temporary agreements with its lenders imposing "operational oversight on our operations."

In other words, the company is no longer in sole control of its destiny.

During 2008, the global economy entered into a significant downturn. For the domestic retail market, the recession has resulted in sales declines, reduced margins and cash flows and, for some of our tenants, bankruptcies. This, in turn, has yielded revenue and occupancy declines at our properties, as a function of terminations, reduced demand for rental space, and reductions in rents that can be charged and collected. Concurrently, the new and replacement commercial lending market has come to a virtual standstill. Accordingly, we have been unable to refinance or repay a number of our existing loans which had scheduled 2008 maturities, triggering certain cross-default provisions on certain other financing arrangements. To temporarily forestall foreclosure or bankruptcy proceedings, we have entered into a number of short-term extension and forbearance agreements with our various lender groups (Note 1 — Liquidity). Such agreements have imposed lender operational oversight on our operations and, with respect to certain properties, have resulted in lender control of operational cash receipts. Accordingly, this annual report describes a number of risks and uncertainties concerning our future operations. Although we believe a forced liquidation is not likely, the potential for such a substantially adverse outcome to our current liquidity crisis raises substantial doubts as to our ability to continue as a going concern. We continue to work with our financial advisors and lender groups to reach a collectively satisfactory resolution of these liquidity and financing difficulties.

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