Thursday, February 19, 2009

Your Flush Tax Dollars At Work

From HoCoGov:

Howard County Executive Ken Ulman announced today that the County has received a huge financial grant from the Maryland Department of the Environment to dramatically improve the water quality in the Little Patuxent River and the Chesapeake Bay. Howard County is receiving $35.5 million from the state for improvements and upgrades to the Little Patuxent Water Reclamation Plant; the project is expected to cost almost $100 million.

“This is an incredible financial commitment from the State to dramatically improve the water quality in the Little Patuxent River and the Bay,” said Ulman. “But the real thanks goes to the citizens of Howard County who are paying for these improvements thru the ‘flush tax.’ These improvements are urgently needed and will make a dramatic difference.”

In particular this grant money will focus on installing state-of-the-art equipment to implement a strategy called Enhanced Nutrient Removal (ENR) at the Little Patuxent Water Reclamation Plant. High levels of nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorous), as well as sediments, have been destroying the Little Patuxent River and the Chesapeake Bay for years.

...The project is expected to begin in mid-2009.

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ilana Bittner said...

To be fair, we don't expect all stories to end up being that long. This story ended up 10 minutes for various reasons, but its a bit long for most people. We DO, however want to make sure we cover a story completely, and we're not limited to cramming everything into a certain number of column inches or a 30 minute newscast.

And and having been there, I thought the Flier article covered most of the salient points... just saying.

There's a news void in our community of 300,000. It probably stems from being caught in between two major metropolitan areas, but not being directly adjacent to either. That's not to take anything away from our wonderful blogging community, but for most of them, its a second job. We felt like a community of our size should have a professional voice with a new media mindset.

Heck, there are communities of 300,000 that have NFL Franchises, the LEAST we could have is a strong, progressive news media (although I wouldn't turn away the NFL if they came knocking).

Thanks for your support in spreading the word.