Monday, February 23, 2009

Candidates Forum

The Sun offers its account of a candidates forum in Long Reach for the men who want to be CA's next president.

About 100 residents had their first chance at the public forum to see and hear the remaining contenders in a 20-month process that began with more than 500 candidates. But no one in the crowd got to speak to them directly.

Milton Matthews, CEO of the Reston Association; Phil Nelson, city manager of Troy, Mich.; and Rob Goldman, 19-year vice president of CA for sport and fitness, were escorted one at a time to a stage at the Long Reach Village community center. Each made a few opening remarks and then answered the same 10 questions during the 90-minute session. Each then left the building.

For those of us who could not make it we hope CA's Webmasters can post the full transcript -- or better yet make some video available.

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