Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Florida Comes To Columbia

Not the state, we're referring to the father of the Creative Class. WaPo once did a profile when Richard Florida came to work in these parts. Here's his site.

This note comes from a Talk correspondent:

The Chamber of Commerce is presenting a talk by Dr. Richard Florida next Thursday, April 23. According to their press release, "Florida will address the economic impact of the Creative Class, the core force of growth in our future economy. The Creative Class is expected to add more than ten million jobs in the next decade. His message is critical to Howard County as we develop the plans for Columbia’s downtown. The business community, community activists, students and elected officials will all benefit from Florida’s thought provoking messages."

The event is $25 and takes place at APL's Kossiakoff Center. You can find more information about the event on the Chamber's Web site, or about Dr. Florida on his Creative Class web site.

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