Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It Takes A Village....

...to make a village -- or maybe not.

The HoCo planning board is apparently split about how much say local residents should have in the redevelopment of Columbia's village centers, according to this Sun story.

A proposal to allow major redevelopment of Columbia's village centers has so divided the Howard County Planning Board that members can't even agree how to describe their disagreement.

The board divided, 2-2, on the issue March 23 with one person absent. But Monday night, members were still arguing over what the description of their votes should say. After a closed meeting with a lawyer and a public discussion after that, the members agreed to try again to come up with a document they can sign to push the issue to the County Council.

"I've been very distressed at how this process has broken down," said board member Linda Dombrowski, calling it "a mess."

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