Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Foie Gras Vandals Caught On Camera

The owners of the Iron Bridge Wine Company restaurant on Route 108 told WBAL that a surveillance camera captured images of vandals taking part in what apparently was a second protest over the restaurant's decision to serve foie gras.

A recording of the incident has been handed over to the police, according to this report.

The owners said the vandals struck again on Monday morning, breaking two more windows and tried to get in through a side door.

“If people think they’re going to change our minds by sneaking around in the middle of the night and do childish things like bashing in our windows they’re incorrect,” Wecker said.

Wecker said his restaurant will not be threatened and his employees are even making light of the situation, wearing “got foie gras” T-shirts and adding more duck liver items to the menu.


John G. Boyle said...

That's promising. I hope it's enough for the HCPD to eventually make an arrest or two...

Anonymous said...

It would be a good idea to put Foie Gras production on camera as well. That way people could see exactly what goes on and decide for themselves if it is humane or not.