Thursday, September 17, 2009

Food, Water, Art: What More Do You Want?

The Flier has an account of the Columbia Association's presentation on what to do with Symphony Woods.

Under a plan presented Wednesday by association planners, a fountain-type water display and a small cafĂ© surrounded by paved pathways would help transform the area into Symphony Woods Park. The woods’ dense canopy would be thinned in certain areas to provide for “pockets” of sunlight, according to planners.

The park also would have a more visible entry plaza off Little Patuxent Parkway, a woodland garden with crushed stone pathways, a children’s play area with sculptures, restrooms and a 150-space parking lot, according to plans presented by designers Cy Paumier and John Slater at a community meeting Wednesday night at Slayton House in Wilde Lake.

“It’s the magnet that brings the people.You’ve got the food; you’ve got the water; you’ve got the play equipment; you’ve got the art. This place comes alive and it will really be exciting,” Slater said. “It really is a marketing tool for the town and it’s a beautiful way to bring people in.”

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