Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Locked Out

We're blessed to live near our neighborhood high school. It is one of the reasons we chose to be move where we did. The first day we toured the house, the windows were open and we could hear the thonk of racket on ball at the tennis courts. Sold! Over the years, the school has been a refuge of sorts, a place to let the dog run, kick the ball, work on our serve, or take some grounders.

But more recently, the signs prohibiting this activity or that have been multiplying. The message seems to be "Keep Out." This weekend we discovered a new bit of fence and the baseball and field hockey fields completely locked up.

We fear what's next.

Is this really the way to encourage physical activity?

Does anyone remember when, in Columbia, we used to discourage fences?


HowChow said...

I'm pretty sure it's all the beer cans that you're leaving in the fields.

My neighborhood secured the swimming pool -- apparently because they didn't like my skinny dipping.

HowChow said...
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