Thursday, September 24, 2009

Must See TV?

Here's the action-packed lineup for the government channel tonight. At a time when the only real coverage this county seems to get from local TV is for proposals to ban teen tanning beds is this really the best way to use this resource? Even the rebroadcast of the legislative session has to be at the most inconvenient time possible for much of working Howard.

Surely in this day and age there is more compelling content. How about the Symphony Woods meetings? Or the flu town hall? Or high school football games? Geez, we'd even settle for video of the tanning bed presser.

We're guessing a single enterprising intern could curate video from YouTube, local TV, HoCoMoJo and such and come up with more interesting fare than this.

Thursday, September 24
12:00 mid Classic Arts Showcase
8:00 AM Corinth Classic Comedy
9:00 NASA TV
9:30 U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
10:00 Sharing Miracles
10:30 Health Maryland
11:00 Army Newswatch
11:30 NASA TV
12:00 Legislative Public Hearing (rebroadcast)
1:00 Legislative Public Hearing (rebroadcast)
2:00 Legislative Public Hearing (rebroadcast)
3:00 Classic Arts Showcase
4:00 Classic Arts Showcase
4:00 MSL: Educational Forum
5:00 Out of Ireland
5:30 Travel Television
6:00 Sharing Miracles
6:30 Health Maryland
7:00 Out of Ireland
7:30 Army Newswatch
8:00 Road to Recovery
9:00 Princeton University LS
10:00 Classic Arts Showcase
11:00 Classic Arts Showcase

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