Wednesday, September 30, 2009

No Rush For Speed Cameras

On Thursday, a new state law goes into effect authoritizing wider use of speed cameras across the state, but few communities, including Howard have approved programs yet, according to WaPo.

Howard County has set aside money for a speed camera program but has yet to approve its use. Police in Baltimore and Frederick have begun collecting the documentation required before a council vote. Anne Arundel County has no immediate plans for the cameras, although Annapolis is considering their use.

WaPo paired its update with a second story looking at the experience of one speed camera near Thomas S. Wootton High School in Rockville.

Two years ago, when Camera #2091 was installed, there were about 75 Kodak moments a day in this spot. This Monday: 16. The sharp decline leaves little doubt that drivers slow down on this stretch of road, as they tend to most anywhere a speed camera is mounted. But important questions linger: How much revenue do cameras like this generate and where does it all go? Do drivers revert to form and floor it after gliding gently by the camera? Are roads safer because of speed cameras?

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