Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Don't Let 'Em Take Your Tax Credit

We saw this over at HoCoFreemarket, via the Sun, and thought it was worth passing the word:

Freemarket says a paragraph in a Sun story "caught my attention, and if you pay Howard County property taxes, it should be of interest to you as well:

'There is a new twist this year because of a change in Maryland law in 2007 that requires taxpayers to apply for the Homestead Tax Credit Program, better known as the assessment caps that keep most homeowners' tax bills from rising to the full value of their home's retail worth.'

"I recall getting my new property tax assessment in the mail, and other than cursing at the increase in assessed value, I basically threw it in my 'tax stuff drawer'. Lesson learned: look at this stuff much closer. The Homestead Tax Credit application was in the envelope. It will save you some money, but only if you file it.

"You can also apply for the credit by following the appropriate links here."

Thanks for the tip.

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