Friday, January 25, 2008

Howard Schools Propose New Holiday!

They are throwing in the towel at the HoCo school system and proposing that "Take Our Daughters (and Sons) to Work Day" become an official holiday. OK, OK, technically they are calling it a professional work day, meaning teachers and staff still need to get up early. But so many kids were calling in absent that day that the board voted to just give students Thursday, April 23 off.

It won't be long before retailers catch wind of this!

Of course, in the Columbia Talk household our kids have long complained that the day was a virtual holiday anyway, whether they showed up at school or not. Apparently, it was one of those days where you watched movies in class (which was probably a lot more exciting than watching dad stare at a computer, talk on the phone, and go in and out of meetings all day).

We have always thought the system could suck the life out of the movement by simply requiring kids to write a 1,000-word essay on their experience and get their parents and offices to submit in triplicate proof of their attendance.

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