Thursday, January 3, 2008

Redskins Feel The Glow

From the HoCo exec's office:

Howard County Executive Ken Ulman today announced that, in a show of equal support and enthusiasm, he has ordered the County’s main office building in Ellicott City to glow burgundy and gold in honor of the Washington Redskins’ playoff hopes. The George Howard Building’s exterior will glow burgundy and gold beginning tonight, courtesy of existing flood lights used for nighttime illumination. The nightly display will continue as long as the Redskins are in the running for Super Bowl XLII.

One year ago Ulman, a longtime Baltimore Ravens fan, had the exterior of the Gateway Building spotlighted in purple in support of the Ravens’ playoff run. At that time the Executive promised to do the same if the other “local” team were to make the playoffs; this past Sunday the Redskins defeated the Dallas Cowboys to make the NFL playoffs.

"As a longtime Baltimore Ravens fan, this season has not been pleasant, but I am well aware of my promise and realize there are many Washington Redskins fans in Howard County---and even more now that the Skins' playoff bandwagon has started its engine," said Ulman. "The Redskins are on an inspired run, and I hope to see a burgundy and gold glow on the Howard Building until February 3, 2008."

*** The bitter thoughts and remarks of County Executive Ulman are not necessarily endorsed by the Public Information Office and its Director, a lifelong Washington Redskins fan. ***

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