Thursday, January 10, 2008

Maybe $30 Was Not Enough

OMG! We couldn't resist this story in the Sun:

A lunchroom food fight at a Howard County high school got so out of hand that the principal took an unusual step - promising a cash reward to anyone who would name names.

Wilde Lake High School Principal Restia Whitaker offered $30 for information on who participated in the December incident, which officials said quickly escalated to an unsafe, not to mention messy, situation.

It "was not just food being thrown. There were water bottles, trays and utensils," school system spokeswoman Patti Caplan said yesterday. "It got to be very dangerous. Kids started running out of the cafeteria, and it got very chaotic and quite disruptive."

No reward money was paid to students, according to school officials. And now, after criticism from students, Howard school officials are taking a look at whether such offers are a good idea.

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