Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Happy New Year. Here's our top eight resolutions for '08:

8. Lose weight by cutting in half our visits to FoodLion -Giant- TraderJoes- Costco- BJs- WalMart- Moms- Davids- ProduceGalore- Safeway- BagelBin- HarrisTweeter - Wegmans - Bloom - Sams Mart - etc ect.
7. Get out of debt by cutting in half our visits to FoodLion - Giant - TraderJoes - Costco - etc etc
6. Quit smoking over traffic.
5. Make new friends somewhere other than Facebook.
4. Get organized and spruce up this blog (and maybe even finish that online bike map by spring!)
3. Get in shape before Lance Armstrong's next visit, or at least before next season's Symphony of Lights fun run.
2. Help others embrace their inner poinsettia.
1. Stop asking what would Rouse do.

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