Monday, November 2, 2009

Police: Investigation Not Done

It's sounding like the victims of the Halloween night shooting might have been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

From an account in the Sun:

"There's a tremendous amount of work left to be done," Police Chief William McMahon said. "We still need the public, which has been very, very critical in getting us to this stage of the investigation. We still need additional information to bring this to a successful conclusion."

McMahon said he does not anticipate any more arrests in the shooting.

According to police, Dixon and Schroyer left the party, and upon exiting, Dixon fired back toward the house, striking Brice. Police said they found 21 casings from a 40 mm Glock. One of the bullets went through a basement window, striking Quick in the spine.

McMahon said investigators had yet to determine exactly why Dixon shot at the house. There were a number of altercations at the house during the party, but police do not believe there was any incident between Dixon and Brice. According to McMahon, issues such as whether people were being charged admission to the party were being investigated.

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