Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We're 1st To Ban Kids From Tanning Beds

HoCo's Health Board becomes first in nation to ban minors from using indoor tanning beds, according to ExploreHoward.

The proposal had the support of HoCo exec Ulman, county health officer Dr. Peter Beilenson and folks concerned about skin cancer. But not everyone is happy:

Bruce Bereano, a lobbyist representing the Indoor Tanning Association, said that in order to create such a regulation under Maryland code, the board needed to prove tanning for minors is a nuisance or causes a disease.

“This record is woefully inaccurate and deficient to support that minors using a tanning salon is a public nuisance or causes disease,” he said.

Bereano promised to challenge the decision. “We’ll see them in court,” he said after the vote.

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Anonymous said...

How is tanning a public health issue? This seems more like an attempt to get Bielenson and Ulman in the news.