Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Urgent! The CA Alert

As someone who has shown up at the club early in the morning only to find the doors closed because of power outage or weather issue, this might come in handy.

From CA:

The Columbia Association (CA) is launching its new Urgent Notification messaging alert – notifying users first with up-to-the-minute information via cell phone text message or e-mail regarding urgent CA facility and program closings or delays. Just in time for the onset of winter weather, CA residents and members have the opportunity to sign up for this free service by visiting

While CA provides this alert service free of charge, users may be responsible for fees from their cell phone carrier associated with receiving text messages contingent on their calling plan. Participation in this system is voluntary and users may choose to be removed from it at any time.

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James P. Howard, II said...

Wouldn't adopting Twitter have been cheaper?