Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Stimulus And Playing Under The Lights

Our stimulus money at work: The U.S. Department of Energy is processing a $2.6 million grant that would, among other things, allow HoCo to swap out the lights at Cedar Lane Park with more energy efficient fixtures and bulbs (estimated to be 27 percent more efficient, saving $430,000 over the life of the lights).

The money would also be used to hire a energy management consultant for two years and, according to the Ulman administration, allow the county to buy an electric pick-up truck and new heating equipment for the county dump, buy special meters for county buildings, new indoor light fixtures for parks and rec, and purchase a diesel hybrid truck. The county would also hire and energy management consultant for two years. Oh, and HoCo would also establish a home-energy audit program for us, the taxpayers.

The lights are the big ticket item, costing about $1 million to install, according to testimony (about six minutes in) by Ira Levy, director technology and communications.

HoCo would decide whether to make the energy manager a permanent position after the two years, if he or she can save taxpayers at least as much money as a salary would pay.

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