Thursday, May 20, 2010

Budget Bits

The County Council passed $824 million operating budget on a 4-1 vote, with Republican Greg Fox the lone nay, according to the ExploreHoward blog.

Amid talk of a weak economy and the need for fiscal responsibility, the Howard County Council passed an $824 million operating budget Wednesday, guaranteeing unpaid furlough days for county employees and cuts to local bus routes while boosting a community services emergency fund.

Council member Calvin Ball sent in his District 2 highlights, which include money to move forward with Blandair Park:

US Route 1 Corridor Revitalization (C0285) $2,000,000

A project to plan, design and implement a series of streetscape, pedestrian, bicycle and public green space improvements on public property. Revitalization of the US1 Corridor is a priority under the General Plan 2000. The purpose is to invest public funds in community enhancement projects that will spur revitalization by the private sector, promote economic development, improve public safety and enhance the quality of life in existing older neighborhoods.

Storm Drainage Project, Lincoln Drive at Cedar Village Park (D1155) $340,000

A project to eliminate the freezing of runoff on Lincoln Drive and Cedar Avenue. There is an inadequate drainage system to carry the runoff from the park side of the road to the outfall side of the road. I have advocated for this funding as a means to address this issue.

Bellows Spring Elementary Addition (E1018) $4,850,000

A plan to provide additional classroom space and additional core infrastructure space. Additional space is likely to include space for 100 students (4 classrooms) above existing capacity (Grade 1-5), an art room, a music room, a gym activity room and a cafetorium expansion. I was driven to have this funding included because it is expected that by 2011, the number of students in Grades 1-5 will exceed capacity by 275.

Snowden River Parkway Widening (J4222) $985,000

A project to design and construct a widening of Snowden River Parkway by adding a third lane and sidewalks on the eastbound roadway from Broken Land Parkway to Oakland Mills Road. This project will develop the third lane and increase the capacity of the roadway and provide an improved level of service. It was important for me to have this project funded as I have received numerous concerns from my constituents to install sidewalks in this area to create a more walkable environment along Snowden River Parkway.

US1 Projects (J4233) $500,000

A project to design and construct transportation improvements along the US1 corridor. The US1 revitalization program intends that the entire length of the road be changed over time to reflect the approved streetscape design. Each year, I vigorously advocate for funding towards Route 1 revitalization projects as these are necessary enhancements for those who live, work or travel along this area.

Oakland Mills Road/ MD175 Interchange (J4237) $1,500,000

A project to design and construct a new MD175/Oakland Mills Road interchange and the re-alignment of Oakland Mills through the proposed Blandair Park. The project will provide access to the proposed Blandair Park as shown on the approved master plan for the park. The improvements will also provide vicinity roadway network connectivity and capacity for the area bordering the southside of the park.

Route 1, Route 175 to Port Capital Drive (J4241) $750,000

A project to design and reconstruct approximately 2300 feet of US Rte 1 from MD Rte 175 and Port Capital. These improvements will be the first County capital project to implement the Route 1 Corridor Improvement Strategy which includes a new roadway typical section.

Troy Park & Historic Rehabilitation (N3957) $1,944,000

A project to acquire an additional 5 acres, rehabilitate an 1820 historic house, and design and construct a 106-acre Regional Park at MD100 and US 1. This project conforms to the goals and objectives of the 1999 Comprehensive Recreation, Parks and Open Space Plan, and the 2005 Land Preservation, Recreation and Parks Plan. It was necessary to fight for funding towards this project as this park will provide needed recreation facilities for our Elkridge residents and those in surrounding areas. This project is a key component to the US1 Corridor Revitalization effort.

US29/ Broken Land Parkway 30” Water Main (W8265) $410,000

Project for replacement of 1,000 LF of 30” diameter water main in the vicinity of US29 and Broken Land Parkway(Phase 2) and construction of 2,400 LF of 36” water main to parallel the existing main (Phase 1). The 30 inch diameter transmission main is the major water supply serving this area of Howard County. An acoustic monitoring of the transmission main revealed premature failures of the prestressing wires in the reinforced concrete cylinder pipe. The failures are attributed to stray electrical currents in the area. This capital project will replace the affected portions of the pipeline and provide protective measures against future failures. The parallel main is needed to meet the increased demands as outlined in the Master Plan and I was pleased to advocate for funding towards this maintenance project.

Blandair Regional Park (N3102) $1,461,000

A project to master plan, design and construct a 298 acre regional park, and restore the 19th century Blandair Mansion and out buildings located off MD 175 in Columbia. This project has been identified in the 2005 Land Preservation, Recreation and Parks Plan and is endorsed by the Recreation and Parks Advisory Board, and the Blandair Planning Committee.

Parkland Acquisition Program (Blandair, N3103) $1,766,000

This project establishes a fund for County-wide park land acquisition and related expenses. This project allows the County to move quickly to acquire land which becomes available, and satisfies one or more of the following objectives: addresses State and County Greenway objectives, protects sensitive natural resources threatened by development, acquire additions to existing parks, and/or satisfies park and open space needs as identified in the 2005 Land Preservation, Recreation and Parks Plan.

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