Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Silly Ban

Oh those crazy kids. For the uninitiated, Silly Bandz are these rubber band thingys that take the shape of animals and other objects when they are not stretched.

Apparently they are becoming a nuisance.

From a Clarksville Elementary note to parents:

Silly bands have been a huge distraction to instruction. These are multi-colored rubber bands that students have been wearing around their wrists. With that in mind we are imposing a ban on Silly Bands at school. We have announced to students that Silly Bands should not be worn to school or kept in or on their backpacks. The feedback we have been getting from teachers is that these bands have been a serious distraction to the instructional program. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact Mr. Herling.

We would greatly appreciate your support with this.


David said...

They are banned at Northfield Elementary School, too. Only there, the teachers destroy them on sight by cutting them in half.

To me, this speaks far more to what happens when you give someone (usually a principal) unbridled authority in a small sphere.

They end up creating petty little rules which only serve to make them look like fascists.

Haven't the local principals learned anything from recent events?


p.s. Oh, and (ahem,) "Meep."

Silly Bands said...

It seems this is a common occurrence, but I've also heard the reverse and that some teachers hand them out for elementary students for good grades and perhaps behavior.

silly bandz said...

My 8 year old daughter absolutely LOVES these things, she pretty much spends all her allowance on them, and has me searching them out on the web, trying to places to make custom designs for her so she can be the coolest kid on the playground next year haha… wish me luck! But at her school, they sell them in the school store, so they are being embraced instead of banned...