Thursday, May 13, 2010

Giving Up On Cradlerock?

From the ExploreHoward blog:

Howard County school system officials said Tuesday night they are leaning toward returning Cradlerock School, the county’s only kindergarten through eighth-grade program, to two separate schools in the face of complaints from parents and teachers.

“We’re an elementary and middle school organization,” said Linda Wise, the school system’s chief academic officer, at the meeting with parents and teachers at the Columbia school. “We know how to do elementary and middle very well.”

However, Wise said keeping the current configuration or restructuring the administrative team are also still on the table as options.

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jessiex said...

So recommend the book "Millennials and K-12 Schools: Educational Strategies for a New Generation" by Neil Howe and William Strauss. For the school board, teachers, superintendent ... AND for the parents of said kids.

Schools, churches and the military feel generational shifts like no others. And -- hello, Americans -- but we gotz ourselves a generational shift in parents from Boomers to GenXers and with it, a change in both expectations and how to deal with (and meet!) them.

Remember, GenXers have no loyalty to mission statements, vision and soft promises of do-goodedness. They want access to info, accountability and the best for THEIR kids. Just what it is. Gotta work with it. Not against it. :-)