Monday, May 31, 2010

Pathway Police

Little did we know that taking the puppy out for her early morning constitutional made us a lawbreaker!

HoCo PD and the CA are co-sponsoring a new site on safety and May's tip no. 1 surprised us:

Pathways are closed from dusk until dawn. Do not use pathways after dark – it is against the law.

...soooo, no more moonlight strolls after a quiet dinner at Clyde's, we guess. Or how about all those kids who use the paths to get to high school before dawn? And it'll be interesting to see how this is enforced July 4th.

Of course, pathway safety is a concern. But is the answer to make sure no one uses them?


Chris Bachmann said...

Yup. I got kicked out of a lot of paths over the years, but there are a few where they don't seem to mind too much like the northern end of the lake at wilde lake. and the ones around Kittamaqundi.

vkatnyte said...

umm so you can't walk home after dark?? especially if you work nearby?? i think that's a suttle hint that crime is up in the's an idea-install solar powered lightposts...and maybe a curfew for those under 20