Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sniff, Sniff

We just catching up on our e-mail and saw this notice from Oakland Mills:

In a Memorandum of Understanding Between the Howard County Department of Police and the Howard County Public School System Regarding Canine Drug Scans of High School Facilities:

This is to notify you that periodic drug scans will be conducted on school premises by K-9 teams from the Howard County Department of Police.

Today (5-6-10) a HCPD Canine Drug Scan Unit conducted a scan of the OMHS parking lot. This action is being taken to protect you and to work towards a drug-free school environment.

We thank everyone for their cooperation during the scan.

No word on whether the canines detected anything.

1 comment:

Freemarket said...

I'm gonna have to guess that they did find drugs.