Wednesday, March 11, 2009

DC To Share Info On Oak Hill

Oak Hill, DC's juvenile detention facility, is located near the NSA complex at Route 32 and Baltimore Washington Parkway.

This WaPo story says the District is compiling a list of 60 of the most serious juvenile offenders in detention and will share information on their backgrounds with police and some community groups before allowing the youths to return home, especially to high-crime neighborhoods.

Under the program announced yesterday by Mayor Adrian M. Fenty (D), organizations such as Peaceoholics will be asked to perform background checks on youths up for release from facilities such as Oak Hill. The goal is to determine whether neighborhood disputes might jeopardize the juvenile's chances for success after release and whether there are any threats against the juvenile or his family.

If significant concerns are raised, a youth's release could be delayed or he could be sent somewhere else.

The criteria for putting a youth on the most-serious list include previous convictions, behavior in confinement and runaway attempts.

We wonder if that information will also be shared with authorities in the communities near Oak Hill.

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