Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Eco-Mall

The Mall recently put out a statement about its made us wonder whether there might be additional steps our Main Street commons might take. What do you think?

In honor of Earth Day, The Mall in Columbia is celebrating our commitment to sustainability and is proud of what we are doing to maintain a healthy environment. Here’s a peek at what we are doing to make a difference...

Lighting Retrofits

If changing your light bulbs at home can have a positive impact on the environment, imagine the impact of changing the lighting fixtures and lamps in a shopping center...

The Mall in Columbia recently upgraded its lighting to be more energy efficient – one small change with big benefits. Our lighting retrofit is helping to…

...substantially reduce property energy consumption,
...produce less heat, further reducing energy use to cool the property,
…and cut costs because the lighting has a much longer life span than traditional incandescent lighting.

In fact, the new lighting at The Mall in Columbia is projected to save enough energy to power more than 64 U.S. households every year!

Demand Response Program

Did you know that The Mall in Columbia reduces energy use when the community’s electricity demand is high so that local small business and homes will not be without power?

The Mall in Columbia is committed to maintaining a healthy environment. One of the most meaningful ways we can make a positive environmental impact is through energy conservation. By participating in the local demand response program, we are helping to keep community lights on without having to build an additional power plant.

In addition, here's a link to the Eco-Stance of the Mall's owner, General Growth Properties.

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