Thursday, March 19, 2009

HoCo Stops Biz Recycling Program

Chamber tries to pick up the slack....

Here's the gov't release:

The business recycling program in Howard County will transition from government-sponsored to private industry recycling beginning June 29, 2009. The Howard County Chamber of Commerce has developed a new recycling collection “co-op” based on the concept of combining buying power to negotiate lower costs for those who participate.

“I want to thank all the businesses that currently participate in our recycling program. While we budgeted $250,000 for the business recycling program this past year (and we had a waiting list of businesses wanting to participate,) today’s economy and our budget shortfall have made it impossible to continue this program for fiscal year 2010. I believe the option now being offered by the Chamber is a good one and also affordable for all the businesses that believe, as I do, that recycling is the responsible thing to do,” said County Executive Ken Ulman.

The last day for the business recycling program, which was started in 2003, will be Friday, June 26. Letters and information packets about the co-op and other recycling options have been sent to those businesses, private schools, churches, State agencies, and apartments that had previously participated in the County-sponsored program and will be affected by this transition.

The new program offered by the Chamber is open to all businesses and not limited to just Chamber members. “The Chamber of Commerce is built upon the core concept of many businesses coming together to accomplish what a singular business cannot. The recycling co-op is based on the same premise: bringing individual business owners together to procure recycling services at rates lower than any single member can purchase on his or her own. This model is working well with our Energy Co-Op…members are saving as much as one full month’s bill. We believe so strongly in the importance of recycling that we have decided to open this to all businesses in Howard County who want to do the right thing,” said Pam Klahr, President and CEO of the Howard County Chamber of Commerce.

The Department of Public Works, Bureau of Environmental Services, will continue to provide technical support and guidance to anyone interested in learning more about how to establish a business recycling program. Contact the County’s Recycling Division, at 410-313-6444, to speak to one of the Recycling Coordinators.
For more information about the Howard County Chamber’s recycling co-op program, visit the chamber's Web site or call 410-730-4111.

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