Friday, March 6, 2009

Nature Center Moves Forward

The HoCo Council last night approved construction funding for what would be the first county-run nature center on 18 acres or so off Cedar Lane near the Middle Patuxent wildlife area.

Here's a description from the county's Web site (after you wade through all the people we taxpayers should be grateful to, egads!):

The center will be comprised of a modern nature center with customary indoor exhibits and displays along with outdoor interpretive trails. The trails will be used for outdoor education, and interpretation of the historic Simpsonville Mill and its surrounds. The indoor exhibits and displays will be both interactive and static in nature. In addition to the main exhibit room, the Center will have a large Discovery Room specifically designed for children’s activities with many “hands-on” exhibits and activities.

The ExploreHoward made a brief mention of the council's action in this story.

"...the council unanimously approved transferring about $3.2 million from other capital projects to build the planned Robinson Nature Center in Columbia, and authorized the county to issue up to an additional $2.1 million in bonds for the work. County staff have said they want to take advantage of currently low construction cost prices to move forward with the center."

It's called the Robinson center because the land being used was ultimately a gift from Anne S. Robinson under the conditions that a county nature center be constructed on the property.

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