Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Barack's Columbia Kin

The Sun has a story about Carleton and Stanette Robinson, uncle and aunt to Michelle Obama. Carleton, a Northrop senior project manager who lives in Columbia, is a younger brother of Michelle Obama's late father, Fraser.

Does the story have a little scoop about the Obama's future dog?

The Robinsons took their wire-haired fox terrier along when they traveled to the Obamas' home in Hyde Park, Ill., to spend Thanksgiving with them and the rest of their extended family.

"When we knocked on the door, the girls opened it and started squealing, 'Look! Tucker's here!' and I'm thinking, 'What about us?'" Stanette said, chuckling.

"Michelle pointed out to Barack how much the girls love Tucker, but he's saying he wants a bigger breed - 'no little bitty sissy dog' for him."

The family has narrowed their pet search to a Labradoodle, which is a Labrador-poodle mix, or a Portuguese water dog, Stanette said.

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