Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bumping Into Obama

We read the WaPo story and completely missed the local hook. Thanks to the Explore Howard blog we meet the Wickers, an Oakland Mills family that got a chance to share a chili dog with the president elect at Ben's Chili Bowl in DC. In the pic, Cheron Wicker, left, and Courtney Wicker laugh after learning Obama is right behind them waiting for his lunch. (Linda Davidson / The Washington Post)

After greeting everyone at Ben’s, Obama took a seat with his dining partner, Washington Mayor Adrian Fenty, at a table directly behind the Wickers, Cheron Wicker said.

At one point, she said, Obama noticed that another diner had melted cheese on his chili dog, and told the cook he wanted some himself.

When he tried to explain what he wanted, Darrell Wicker suggested “shredded cheddar,” and the president-elect said that was it.

When the cook came up with a small container of the cheese, it was Darrell who handed it to Obama.

The exchange opened Darrell up to some good-natured ribbing the next day, when he told the story at his job as director of finance for Voxtec, an Annapolis high-tech company.

“For the rest of the day I was ‘Mr. Cheddar’ and ‘The Cheese Man’ and ‘cheese adviser to the president,’ ” Wicker said.

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