Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No "Spa" At Stevens Forest

CA is holding a public meeting at 7p on Thursday to hear thoughts on some of the proposed changes to the budget for the fiscal year covering May 1 through April, 2010.

No changes in the 68-cent per $100 assessment fee are contemplated, but various membership rates are going up plus or minus 3 percent.

One proposed change is to cut $300,000 slated to fix up the Steven Forest pool. The money was originally aimed at "installing a spa, gazebo and shade structures and upgrading the bath-house," according to budget documentation. Swansfield and Phelps Luck would get extra money to fix up their pool shells, and the entire deck is to be replaced at Huntington and Dorsey Search.

A facelift for the People Tree would be postponed as is other maintenance work for the town center plaza.

CA is proposing to set aside $450,000, to be matched by the state, to help restore the stream feeding Wilde Lake to improve the health of the lake.

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