Friday, January 30, 2009

Md. Makes Travel Less EZ

We love our EZ pass, which we use regularly in the summer as we travel back and forth between youth baseball games, the beach and other jaunts.

But do we love it enough to pay $1.50 a month?

State officials apparently think so, according to this Sun report.

Over vocal objections from the public, the Maryland Transportation Authority's board voted this morning to raise truck tolls at its bridges and tunnels on Interstate 95 and to impose a $1.50-a-month fee on its E-ZPass customers.

The actual cost of the tolls for passenger cars will remain the same. But don't lose your'll cost $21 to replace, even if it stops working out of no fault of your own.

Some opponents complained that the state's action will only lead to longer lines at the tolls for everyone.


HowChow said...

You don't have to own a Maryland EZ Pass. Virginia will give you one for free. You just put down the $35 deposit. I think you can buy one from any state from Virginia to Masssachuseets.

VA site:

JessieX said...

Both Hedgehog and I wrote recent blog posts about this, too.