Friday, January 2, 2009


Sorry for the absence...we've been learning a thing or two about recovering from major surgery. Up to now, most of our stays in hospitals have been brief, often too much so. It seems they, or at least the insurance companies, can't wait to kick you out, no matter what sad shape you may be in. But in this case, we outstayed all our roomies and we were eager to get home. Young Talk still has some pretty nasty looking staples in his gut and it'll be a couple weeks before he can return to school, but he's up and about and he's his old cheery self again (most of the time).

For the Talk Team, that's meant for a quiet, and quietly satisfying, Christmas. There was no rushing to and fro. Very little multitasking. We just sorta unplugged a bit. We're grateful for all the well wishes and for the friends who stopped by to lift spirits(especially those bearing chicken soup and gumbo!)

So here's to a peaceful 2009. And may it be a healthy one.

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