Wednesday, January 7, 2009

School Chief Seeks Spending Hike

HoCo Schools Superintendent Sidney Cousins seeks a 0.3 percent increase not counting any extra money that might be needed to pay for salary increases -- and personnel costs are traditionally one of the county's largest expenses.

The fiscal 2010 budget preparation was underway when the dismal economic news from Wall Street broke. Simultaneously, Maryland officials were addressing revenue shortfalls and forecasts coming from the Howard County budget office were grim. But tough economic times do not lessen our obligations.

The proposal notes that the school system is projected to grow slightly, from 48,888 students now to 49,308 this fall. The budget would allow the school system to hire 44.3 more teachers, and it anticipates that the immigrant population will grow, requiring nine teachers and 5.5 paraeducators in the English for Speakers of Other Languages program.

Funds also are included to support two elementary after-school mathematics tutoring sites as well as mastery courses and after-school assistance for students who fail the required high school assessments.

See his full proposal here.

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