Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Car 54 Where Are You?

Most of you are probably too young to remember that show. But this is no comedy.

From HoCo Police:

Howard County Police are investigating thefts from two police cars broken into overnight in which a secured, police-issued firearm was stolen. Both cars were parked in the residential Mayfield community in Elkridge.

Two officers who had marked police cars parked separately in the community reported this morning that their vehicles had been broken into. A firearm and other police property were stolen from the cars.

“This case is a top priority for us,” said Police Chief William J. McMahon. “Anyone with information is urged to call our investigators.”

In both cases, which police believe are linked, the suspect broke a window on the police car to gain access. The suspect forcefully removed a secured and locked firearm and ammunition, as well as blank police forms and a police baseball cap, from one car. The gun was properly secured in a locked rack affixed to the interior of the car. The suspect stole ammunition from the other car.

As a result of the incidents, the police department has issued a temporary prohibition on storing firearms in police vehicles, even when they are properly locked and secured. Officers will be required to bring their weapons indoors to be stored, using trigger locks and gun lockers.

“We want to evaluate the various equipment we use to secure firearms and the installation of that equipment in our vehicles,” said Chief McMahon. “While we believe this is an isolated incident, we want to be sure all weapons are stored as safely as possible.”

Police also are continuing to investigate the July theft of a computer from a police vehicle parked at police facility in the same Mayfield community. Detectives are investigating whether that theft is linked to last night’s break-ins.

Anyone with information should call police at 410-313-3200.

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