Thursday, October 8, 2009

Flu Worries

This is certainly no surprise. ExploreHoward reports that HoCo General is being overrun by families worried that their little ones may have swine flu. The clamor has become so bad that Dr. Walter Atha, the director of the hospital’s emergency department, had to hold a news conference pleading with people to show more restraint.

The hospital’s emergency department has seen days recently with close to 100 children coming in to get checked for the H1N1 virus, Atha said. On an average day, the hospital sees about 40 children in its emergency department, he said.

“They’re walking down the halls with masks on,” he said.

...Atha said the only time someone should go to the emergency room with the flu is if he or she is experiencing “severe” symptoms like severe shortness of breath or severe chest pain.

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