Friday, October 23, 2009

Police Warn About Break-ins

We received e-mails from several villages passing on a warning from police about a recent spate of residential break-ins.

Here's the alert sent out by Oakland Mills:

Howard County Police have informed us of residential break-ins throughout the county, two of which were recently in Oakland Mills.

The latest incidents have been during the day/early evening when homes have been unoccupied. It appears that someone knocks on a door to see if there is anyone is at home. Homes broken into have then been forced entry through front door or back/side window/door and the robberies are quick and very quiet. It is important that we REPORT any suspicious activity and any concerns immediately to the Howard County Police. Suspicious activity or signs of warning to alert police about include, but are not limited, to the following:

1) If someone knocks on your door IT IS ALWAYS SMART not to answer unless it is someone that you know, if however, someone appears at your door and says they have the wrong house…..alert police

2) If there is an unusual car driving around/parked by your house…..alert police

3) If something makes your “hair stand up” ….. alert police

It is always better to err on the side of caution. Police are asking for any and all information to help apprehend those committing the crimes.

If you are away make sure your house/apartment/townhome looks as if you were home. Don’t let newspapers or door hangers gather. Know your neighbors and look out for one another. Keep your doors/windows/garage doors locked. Survey your home in the evening and see if there is adequate lighting on all sides. Be aware and report suspicious activity.


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