Friday, October 2, 2009

HoCo Schools Offer Streaming TV

At least we think they are, though for the life of us we could not find a link on the page mentioned in this release. (Nor did the link mentioned in an earlier HoCo Gov release help). We will update when we figure it out. UPDATE: Search no more. Site found here.

In the meantime, we are clearing some space on the TiVo.

From HoCo Public Schools:

The Howard County Public School System's television station, HCPSS TV, has expanded its reach with a new online presence that allows for web broadcast of school board meetings and on-demand viewing of board meetings and other HCPSS TV programming. The site, which can be accessed from the school system's homepage at, grew out of the work of a Task Force on Television Services convened two years ago.

The HCPSS TV web presence is hosted by Granicus Incorporated and is robust enough to archive HCPSS TV's five original cable television series, as well as instructional and educational videos, media for teachers and staff, and special seasonal presentations such as the Howard County Spelling Bee and high school graduations.

The first live broadcast of a Board of Education meeting via the Internet will take place on October 8 beginning at 4:00pm. In addition to real-time streaming of all Board of Education meetings on the Web, all future meetings will be available on demand to the public. The technology provided by Granicus allows the public to easily select and view a segment of any meeting at anytime by simply typing in a keyword or clicking on a particular agenda item.

Other information, such as the monthly HCPSS TV program guide, upcoming television events, and press releases are also available on the site.

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