Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween Falling Out of Favor?

Looking over various school newsletters we see that some still hold Halloween parades and others do not, opting for fall festivals and the like.

Here's one sample; a Cradlerock School e-mail to parents:

This school year we are moving toward a more inclusive fall celebration for our students. In the past, we’ve had a Halloween Parade and party. Students who did not celebrate Halloween participated in an alternative party. Each year, the number of students that do not participate has increased. This school year, we are having a “Costume Parade” for students that want to participate and a “Harvest Party” for all students. We ask that costumes not be of a Halloween nature (ghosts, blood & guts,masks,skeletons, make-up,etc.)

Below are suggested costume options:

* Appropriate book characters
* Household items
* Animals
* School supplies
* Careers
* Sports figures
* Nature/Food
* Appropriate cartoon characters/action figures
* Positive role models


Anonymous said...

Sad, Sad, Sad

Johnny B said...

This is depressing. Especially since it's true... I'm a huge fan and supporter of Halloween, but have noticed since my youth that not only is the holiday being filtered out of the world, but also those who do participate go and buy a costume, usually a popular tv character instead of anything remotely related to the holiday

Margaret said...

Please. Household items?! Food?! I'm sure all the kids at school this year want to be an omelet or a lawnmower!

Anonymous said...

That is the saddest thing I've ever seen.