Friday, October 30, 2009

Rail And Rivalries

The more we read these days, the more we wonder about Howard's place in the region. Used to be the county was part of both Washington and Baltimore metropolitan areas.

But is that changing?

Check out this site and its discussion of Prince George's vision for bringing Metro's Green line out to Fort Meade.

And then check out the plan for rail espoused by the Central Maryland Transportation Alliance.

One plan brings a station into Columbia town center, and one does not.


B. Santos said...

The "Rebuilding Place in Urban Space" blog lists a meeting that may be of interest:

Dan Reed said...

These proposals are totally unrelated. The Green Line extension would be a WMATA project, while the light-rail to Columbia Town Center (the so-called "Yellow Line") would be part of the Baltimore Metro. So it's not one against the other. If the funding was there, you could have both.

MikeZilla said...

Having both WMATA and the light rail hit columbia would be the holy grail for this region... Sadly I don't think it will ever happen.