Thursday, October 29, 2009

We Can Hear The Seniors Cheering Now

Some lucky high school graduates may get out even earlier than planned, possibly before Memorial Day!

At least according to this e-mail to Atholton parents:

School officials and the management of Merriweather Post Pavilion have identified the window of Monday, May 24 through Thursday, June 3 as the time during which the 2010 graduations will be held. It is possible that some graduations may fall before the last day for seniors, identified in the HCPSS calendar as Friday, May 28. Therefore, the last day for seniors may vary for the schools that end up with earlier graduations. While this is not ideal, every attempt will be made to schedule as many ceremonies as possible after Memorial Day.

The actual date and time of each school’s graduation ceremony will be available by April 15 at the latest. Merriweather Post staff is aware of our need to announce dates as early as possible and will confirm dates for us as soon as they possibly can.

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