Thursday, October 1, 2009

The New Rules Of The Road

The Sun offers a rundown of new laws going into effect today, including a ban on texting while driving. The state also plans to begin using cameras to catch speeders in the Interstate 95 work zone near the future Intercounty Connector interchange.

State Highway Administrator Neil J. Pedersen said speed cameras would be up and running at the site today, issuing warnings to violators who go more than 12 mph above the posted speed limit. The law grants a 30-day warning period before $40 fines can be imposed.

The ICC site is one of three large-project work zones where the state is initially deploying speed cameras. The others are at the Beltway and Charles Street, the site of a bridge replacement project, and the express toll lane project on Interstate 95 between I-895 and White Marsh Boulevard.

WaPo, meanwhile, offers its own take on new laws, including changes in requirements for teenagers seeking a license.

Teenagers must spend nine months driving with a learner's permit, instead of six, before becoming eligible for a provisional license.

The minimum age for receiving a full license becomes 18, and cellphone use while driving is banned until drivers reach that age. Parents also are able to have a teenager's learner's permit or provisional license revoked.

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B. Santos said...

I did not see the cameras, but the new speed camera signs were in place this morning on I-95.