Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Process. Process. Process.

We don't know about you, but reading this story in the Sun reminds us of just how sloooow the development process can be. Despite broad sentiment for revitalizing village centers, don't expect quick action on a plan for Wilde Lake:

Geoffrey Glazer, vice president for development of Kimco Realty, the firm that owns the Wilde Lake center and five others, gave village board members a letter Monday night officially starting the clock on what could be a months-long process of determining what to do with the half-empty center.

"We spend two years putting legislation together to start the process. This official letter puts the village board on notice to set up a time period to start a concept plan workshop," Glazer told four board members and about a dozen spectators. He suggested a meeting perhaps in early December, though the board later discussed scheduling the session in late November.

...The new law calls for a preliminary meeting to discuss concepts during the minimum 60-day period between the start of the process and the first public unveiling of the developer's proposal — all before any plan is submitted to the county. That interim also gives village residents time to create their own plan or list of priorities, which Wilde Lake officials are actively working on. The county council members, sitting as the county zoning board, have final say over what changes would eventually be allowed.

Glazer said he would bring planners, architects and engineers to the concept meeting, but said his team would propose nothing. His experts could explain, however, what is good or bad about various ideas, he said.

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